Monday, July 14, 2008

My SAW III Experience

So I was home alone doing some serious studying...feeling really hungry I went into the kitchen n' fixed me something to eat...I decided to take a break n' watch some TV...I flipped through some channels n' then there it was SAW III was on almost half way through...I didn’t even see the I n' II though I was planning to do that cuz my friend told me it is too sick even for me!! I had my doubts about that so I thought watching it w'd be something but eating while doing so will be the ultimate something :P...when it was over I was happy that I managed to keep all the food down though I felt nauseous for a couple of hours after that n' YES!!! IT IS SICK!!! more than I thought it w'd be!! but I guess being alone all the cursing n' freaking out really helped :P...n' BTW I was so alarmed to see how average the guys who made all this up looks like!!!


david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Happy week.

Sharks said...

Thanks for passing by and for the lovely comment!! Happy week to u too :)

IK said...

told ya not to watch it :|

Sharks said...

Wallahi I know dude but am still gonna go for the I & II
U know what they say "7atta yara";D