Sunday, June 04, 2006

Someday - Flipsyde

Try to lie but it ain't me Ain't me
Try to look but I can't see
Can't stop right now cause I'm too far
And I can't keep goin' cause it's too hard
In the day in the night it's the same thing
On the field on the block it's the same game
On the real if you stop then it's no pain
But if you can't feel pain then it's no gain
Rearrange and you change and it's all bad
And you try to maintain but you fall back
And you crawl and you slip and you slide down
Wanna make it to the top better start now
So I hold my soul and I die hard
All alone in the night in the graveyard
Someday one day I'm gonna be free and they won't try to kill me for being me
Hey someday...
You know we're gonna lose it someday
And we tryin' to hold it all together but the devil is too clever
so I'm gonna die you gonna die we gonna die
Someday one day I said...
Am soooo buying their album...


afp763389 said...

:) hello little elf... have a nice day

Cute NK2 said...

"So I hold my soul and I die hard

Oh yeah I know how this feels...
Who are them Sharks ?

Sharks said...

@ afp...helloe little white dots on a black screen :)...actually it's not an's a smurf...from my childhood...thanks for stopping by anyhow! ;)

Hey Cutie! love ya's a new Hiphop band...imagine that all these lines are said only in 25 seconds :P...not ur type ha?! :)

Cute NK2 said...

Well the words I can relate to but not the way they are spoken.. If they were screamed I'd be the one... :)