Saturday, September 10, 2005

Muslims bombarding the White House - what will you do?

One year ago my lil brother gave me an article to read...he thought i might find it interesting...well at the time i didn't 8...but yesterday i needed some space on my flash disk...i had a LOT of reading to catch up to...that's how i came across this article's dated early's OLD i know!...but i found some email addressees n' phone no. u might wanna add to u'r phone book!....
The writer of the article named !YEHUDA!..."Bombarding" actually stands for Phone calls, emails n' faxes...he even tried to be funny at the end! :S...if u wanna read the whole article link to:

But it's the comments that i found most interesting!...To get u to the point here...I'll skip right to the conclusion of the article...AM JUST QUOTING HERE!...please notice the CAPITALIZED words in the article

//////Israel is America's first line against the continued spread of Islamic terror. We must all get on the phone today, tomorrow and the remainder of this week and keep calling the White House everyday to thank President Bush and encourage him to stand even stronger with Israel, America's ONLY ally in the Mid East, and to back Israel's right and obligation to use ALL means possible against Arafat's terror machine.

Every phone call, fax, and e-mail is tallied. Phone calls and faxes are the most important. Please invest the few cents necessary to place a few long distance calls/faxes to the White House.

White House Opinion Line - 202-456-1414

White House fax - 202-456-2461

(Keep in mind that one phone-call or fax is worth 100 emails! (The White House Opinion Line is open during normal business hours M-F - 9-5, EST; the fax is on 7x24...)

All terror-sponsoring dictators must be toppled and their ability to create terrorism against Israel and the US destroyed. For Israel's sake, AND FOR AMERICA'S.

The Muslims have demonstrated their worth to the world as have their European (leaders) sympathizers.

If you do not make YOUR voice heard, the other side will. NEVER AGAIN depends on YOU. Please act NOW.

Please email, phone or FAX President Bush. If you email the President at,

please send a CC (carbon copy) to:
Vice President Dick Cheney

Republican National Committee Chairman Governor Marc Racicot

Secretary of State Colin Powell [please offer him a job in private industry]/////////////

The question I think should be asked that we know about those phone lines n' emails...Can WE actually do something about it?!!!.....

When he said:" Every phone call, fax, and e-mail is tallied"...first I read it "Tailed" (Followed, Chased, hunted, perused) :)...i guess my subconscious was working already...if u know what I mean?! ;) if someone have something to say or campaigns to launch...say it!...i'll be hiding behind the sofa in case somebody asked! ;D.......

Peace out!


GraY FoX said...

Up girl dont worry.... prison will be a better place for people like us ;)

Sharks said...

Ok Ok AM UP...But still i don't wanna go to prison...cuz there's not so much of a nice ppl there...MU7ababiean :(...but also i remember what 2pac say "U aint gotta be in Jail to be doing time" least the ppl r much nicer here:)...