Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thursday October 21st 2010, I did it...I went bungee jumping!

It was scheduled @ 6 PM we (my bro & I) arrived around 5:30 but it actually happened around 7:30 but NO COMPLAINTS HERE!! we really didn’t mind it, at least I didn’t!!! :P

I was tied up at the ankles by a fluffy soft leopard shackles by a gay version of superman! well he was wearing a superman tshirt n I don’t think he was gay but he’s not quit the superman either! :D

when I got on that crane n started ascending I cursed the hell out of myself for doing it...I was freaking out in ways I never thought possible n when the moment has come I really couldn’t let go!

when I got in the air my heart stopped beating n I couldn’t breath till the rope hit its end the first time...only then I was able to get some kinda of sense of what’s going on n from that moment on I started screaming n wowing n I could hear ppl applauding :P I was so hyper afterwards but the adrenaline rush wasn’t quite as I expected, half even less as tense as I though it w’d be but a couple of hours latter when it wore off it was unmistakable! I felt so tired I couldn’t even left a finger n I had the best sleep I had in a long time.........

It was AMAZING n am definitely doing it again! maybe next time I’ll actually jump instead of asking the tech guys to push me! :P

yet again less things to do on my “Things to do before I turn 30” list...I think am almost done, if only I can remember where I did put the damn thing! :P


أُمنيّة said...

you are willing to do it again?
wait for me we 'll do it together.
but if you something coming out of my ass don't say a word about it.

that must have been so thrilling
why no photos?

Cucipata said...

You gotta love those adrenalin rushes. Up next sky diving,it is twice as cool :)

Lary said...

I love bungee jumping! I have tried once,and I now what you mean when you describe the felling. It's perfect.
In moment,you're scared,after 1 moment you're happy.

Bungee jumping is really good,next time don't go without me! ;)

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