Wednesday, December 02, 2009

“The Face”

it’s a novel by Dean Koontz I finished reading this week, it’s a really nice one n’ if it wasn’t for the supernatural stuff I’d say it’s perfect!...

the thing about it is that it got me introduced to Anarchism which otherwise might not have heard of...Corky, the bad guy -who I grew fond of at the beginning- was aiming at the destruction of society as an agent of chaos, by the end of the novel he gets killed only after we find out that he is nothing but a psycho with OCD “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”

Here r some quotes I really liked:
during the Great Depression...“When steel sagged, when clothes grew moth-eaten on haberdashery racks, when cars rusted on showrooms floors for want of customers, the film industry nevertheless flourished. in bad times as in good, the only two absolute necessities were food and illusions.”

“Dunny wanders room to room, moved by humanity’s desire to make beautiful its habitat and thereby bravely to deny that the roughness of the world must be endured. Every palace and every work of art is only dust as yet unrealized, and time is the patient wind that will wither it away. Nevertheless, men and women have given great thought, effort, and care to making these rooms appealing, because they hope, against all evidence, that their lives have meaning and that in their talents lies a purpose larger than themselves.”


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