Saturday, September 19, 2009

On friendships...

For so many reasons I never believed in the “foreverness” of friendships or relationships in general...i used to think that the clichés ppl. use “like my bro/sis”& “BFF’s”.... r mere stupidity n’ some media influenced crap!!

maybe because of our constant moving in the past I picked up a terrible habit...whenever I meet new ppl. or start new friendships...consciously or not I w’d setup an expiry date for everyone! that when it’s time to say goodbye I’d be more than prepared n’ more like “ HA3!! I KNEW IT!!”....n’ surprisingly I hardly ever missed an expiry date....

Lately life’s proving me wrong in too many ways...after missing every expiry date I put for my heavenly friends...after being through a lot together for sooo many amazing years I actually felt it!!...i truly felt like each one is like a brother to me n’ girls r the sisters I never had!! I still can’t believe this actually happened to me...I honestly never thought I had it in me to have those feelings for strangers!!

are these ppl. friends for life?....yes!.....will we be together forever?....No!... it’s a curse!! It’s a fucking curse!! It hurts real bad to see them leave one after the other when they r no way near their expiry dates n’ there’s really nothing I can do about it!! The only thing I can do maybe...wish them good luck!!...till we meet again!! friends!!....


أُمنيّة said...

that was heart aching:(
wallah as i told u, u have no idea how blessed you are to have real friends around u, belive me every time i thought i had met this one which myths call "friend" i'd get a finger in my butt instead.

i envy u all.
hope life would gather u again soon:)

Sharks said...

EH WALLA it is heart aching...i too used to think that friends r a myth n’ a social scam serving masali7 bass el 7amdella when I think about it I get overwhelmed with the blessings those ppl. brought to my hasn't been always like that cuz i had some bad ones before like u said the kind that gives u the finger!! :D but tell u what I used to -still say- n’ tell all me friends especially girls to say in prayers all the time “يا ربي تبعد عني ولادين الحرام" it never hurts to say it :)

pls. don’t envy us la2no mo na2sna 3een!! :P n’ I like I told u before dear am still here for not perfect but I promise to be there for u :)

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