Thursday, September 04, 2008

For real?!

“Sooner or later a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real!!”

This is a quote I came across recently reading “Primal Fear”...the book itself is great if only I haven’t realized half way through that I’ve already seen the movie :S

Being a Gemini “the ultimate two-faced “ this always been somewhat an agonizing point that keeps on nagging my conscience every once in a while !! where doest it all stop?! How n’ where to draw the line between the real authentic self and the courteous just “getting by” everyday self ?!! I mean I know I can do both but when it stops being practical n’ starts being hypocritical?!...Recently it’s becoming more like an obsession trying to figure it out hoping not to fall for hypocrisy n' the book sure didn't make it any easier!!
eventually I came to believe that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself...hypocrisy always been a hotspot for me but I guess there’s nothing wrong with being practical as long as I keep it to its minimal limit n’ to keep things balanced spending more time with ppl. i can be my true self with can be quite helpful...
So now after the first week at the new job I guess it’s time for some emergency meet ups with my friends to counter act all the practicality I practiced during this week :D


أُمنية said...

i think we are doing better with the hypocritical. we doin't have the energy to do the practical. or may be that's me:P

Sharks said...

hey girl! u know! i was thinking maybe hypocritical is a big word to use here but that's how i really feel about it!
think of it like this...u have this person at work who's a total jackass or this obnoxious cousin that u hate their guts and feel like beating the hell outa them every time they open their mouth to speak so what w'd u do here?...some w'd say being nice to them outa curtsey is being i'd say true!! practical is time n' energy saving no doubt n' u do what u have to do but the question here is again when it stops being practical n' start being hypocritical?!
so i guess from what i know about u so far!! Girl!! u r the last one to worry about it :D u've been accused of not being practical too many times dear ;D

Lirun said...

interesting post.. i appreciate your ability to stare yourself in the mirror

Amer said...

I don't think it's necessary to draw a line between the authentic self and what you called courteous just getting by everyday self! works not to do!
and i don't think there's a place to hypocrisy here, cuz both faces that you may have are simply yours!

Sharks said...

Hmm makes a lot of sense!!...but still there will always be things that u do cuz u have to not cuz u want to... but the point here is when a man play a role for a long time he’ll lose himself for that role...the difference here some ppl. don’t mind it at all “ask some sales n’ marketing ppl. :)” and some ppl. do it when they have to n’ feel guilty about it...the way I see it guilt means something is wrong!