Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Chapter:

August 14 was my last day working at Spacetoon ending exactly 1 year and a half of my employment far this is the longest I’ve stayed in one place...n’ although am moving on to my dream job to a place I always promised myself I’ll get “NEVER GET ATTACHED” plan didn’t work for me this time...but whatever...I’ll get over it...

Before u start judging this pic. let me tell u that It is my “Farewell cake” of the guys drew it n’ he thought it w’d be funny ...this is the “terrorist” version of me cuz let me be clear here this is not how I dress n’ this is not how wear my scarf n’ this is definitely not my nose :D...the Canadian flag in my pocket is a hint to the new job n’ the point of covering my face is that u can still tell it’s me by looking at my shoes n’ yes this is me blowing up the building after I’ve left :D


أُمنية said...

مبروك.مبروك مبروك.
فرحتلك كتير.

شو حلو البنت يكون عندها هدف و تجيبو.
بطلة يا اسما.

أُمنية said...

by the way, there is no pis in the post.

Sharks said...

لك الله يبارك فيكي يارب و عقبال ماشوفك عن قريب انشالله :)

BTW i use n' the image is there!!
الله يلعن يلي كان السبب :)

Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

sister may i ask you what's your job at spacetoon?

Sharks said...

i have no problem in telling u brother! just drop me an email n' let me know who u r :) n' ya u can find the email at my profile