Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hearts & Minds

Dear blog,

Sorry I’ve been away for so long but what can I say?!...well when life can’t get any better it can only get worse :) ...NAAA it’s not that bad not bad at all but if I learned something the past few months it would be this “am putting it here for me to remember”:

“Breaking the rules can be fun sometimes, BUT it’s never fun to break ur own rules...Get ur rules straight, get ur mind straight”



GraY FoX said...

bless your heart and mind
have fun breaking some laws and rules deaaaar :D

Zaid Al-Faham said...

man,keep in writing,I miss the syrian bloggers! few are writing..

Sharks said...

@ GrayFox:
Thanks for the blessings dear but who the hell said anything about breaking the law!! Yestor 3a 7rematak the point IS staying away from trouble!!...

@ Zaid:
How r ya?!! Walla ya man I love to more than u know but since u know who blocked u know what inshalla heek ya rab say ameen!!! Also the thin' is the Syrian ppl. r kinda stuck on Facefook these days...

Tarek said...

hey, hope you are fine
looking forward to seeing you back to the blogging business