Monday, July 17, 2006

Syrian Bloggers say: Today, we are all Lebanese

Today, we are all Lebanese.

Lebanon has been sentenced to death. On Wednesday 12July, she was put in prison, and now she's beingtortured.
Syria and Lebanon haven't had the best relationshipover the past year, but there isn't one Syrian whowishes Israel's deadly war on our neighbour.
Israel's war is with Lebanon's civilians, notHizbollah. Nearly every person killed has been acivilian. Power stations, bridges and petrol stationshave been targeted. Israel has warned residents to getout of certain villages, but bombed roads make itdifficult - and refugee convoys have been picked outfor deadly air raids.
And getting out of the country is impossible now too.The airport has been destroyed, the sea ports areblockaded, and the border posts and highways have beenrazed to the ground.
Lebanon is held hostage to the angry Israeli warmachine. And every Syrian blogger stands by her.
Another generation of Lebanese will know nothing butwar. We can't let this happen. Again.
This post has been supported by the group of Syrian bloggers at Syria Planet.


Hany, Cairo said...

It's not difficult to figure out what's REALLY going on here, Israel has decided to punish the lebanese ppl for allowing Hizbollah to exist in southern Lebanon, what they're saying right now is: "ok, it's either Lebanon exists or Hizbollah".
And to add more pressure, they're attacking infra structure as well, to make the cost of Hizbollah's existance more expensive. Now they say they want it disarmed, how the hell can they do that?!. They know it can't be done, they know no one will allow it to happen. They're just trying to delay any peaceful solution before they weaken Hizbollah & the Lebanese state to the degree it cannot threaten Israel for a longer period.
When will they stop, may be when they're hit so badly they can no longer justify war to their ppl, well, I hope this happens soon, before Lebanon is seriously damaged..

Cute NK2 said...

I'll tell you something.... My heart is not really settled.. I'm worried ...

Nir n said...
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