Saturday, May 13, 2006

Self Nudge!

Well I guess its time for me to wakeup and smell the shit...No more Mister Nice really done with that...

People never stop surprising me! some perfectly nice person all of a sudden shows his/her true colors and all of sudden you just can't trust ppl. or even trust your self and your own judge of character..

And like my sweet 2pac said:
I can be a villian if ya let me
I'll Muthafuck ya
if ya do upset me
tell the cops to come and get me!

Funny how the song title is HEARTZ OF MEN!...:D


Sharks said...

i couldn't help it...these lines r going in my head over n' over gain...

I'm lost and not knowing
scar'd up
but still flowing
energized and still going
Uhh, can it be fate
that makes a sick muthafucka break
On these jealous ass coward cuz they evil and fake
What will it take ?
Give me that bass line
I'm feeling bombed
Deathrow baby, don't be alarmed
The homie Quik gave a nigga a beat and let me start again
cause I've been sent
The heartz of men

Cute NK2 said...

I love you The mister nice girl my Sharks.... Lak what's wrong ??
you are the sould of our gang ya habooleh...

Sharks said...

I love you too sweet girl...dont worry nothin' is wrong just acouple of shitty days and a couple of shit-head ppl. :D...see nothin serious...
C u soon!...