Friday, October 17, 2008

Comme Ça

C’est un passage de “Arsène Guillot “, bizarrement j'ai compris ce que ça veut dire et je pense c’est très vrai !!

“Pourquoi, madame, aime-t-on toujours les mauvais sujets ? Depuis l’infant prodigue jusqu'à votre chien Diamant, qui mord tout le monde et qui est la plus méchante bête que je connaisse, on inspire d’autant plus d’intérêt qu’on en mérite moins. – Vanité ! Pure vanité, madame, que ce sentimental-là! Plaisir de la difficulté vaincue ! Le père de l’enfant prodigue a vaincu le diable et lui a retiré sa proie ; vous avez triomphé du mauvais naturel de Diamant à force de gimblettes.”

N'hésitez pas à me corriger si je me trompe :)

P.S. Translation available in the comments section


أُمنية said...

يعني شو فينا نفهم من هالمُعلقة؟

Sharks said...

Tayeb I’ll put a translation...hala2 the point from this post is that am tying to encourage myself so I won’t give up on this thing called French...obviously I used some help viva google translate :D

أمنية said...

eh i noticed that your are practising writing in french.. good for,
as for the statement, i actuall hate those whom your are talking about, but i can't generalize this on people.

Sharks said...

What is it that u don’t like exactly dear bad ppl. or dogs?! :P personally I prefer cats rather than both ppl. in general n’ dogs :D
Sorry I forgot to translate the first wasn’t me who said’s a passage from a short story...I guess it’s too early for me to start “etfalsaf” en Français :P

Sharks said...


This is a passage from “Arsène Guillot “, strangely I understood what is it about and I think it’s so true

The point to my best knowledge is: "why do we always fall for bad people?! Whither it’s your wicked dog “Diamant” who bites everybody or it’s the parent who favor the troublesome kid to the other children...I know it for a fact that the less a person deserves the more attention he attracts - why?! -vanity! Pure vanity!...the pleasure one gets from overcoming is stupid when a parent thinks that he can defeat the devil and take away his prey or that you can change your dog’s evil nature just by giving him some candy"

Please don't hesitate to correct me if am wrong :)

Katia said...

May I correct you... I hope you don't mind...

"... j'ai compris ce que ça veut dire..."

Good luck with your French! It sounds like you're doing well.

Sharks said...

No of course I won’t mind on the contrary thank u very much Katia :)

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