Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tag: 10 simple pleasures of mine

A nice cup of coffee first thin' in the morning
A 2pac song any time
A good book late at night
Hanging out with my sweet friends
Picking up a fun fight with my brothers :P
A good night sleep
When a simple wish come true
When problems solve themselves
Taking a hot bath on a cold day
Watching a nice movie

More ppl. To tag: 3ammo Sam, 3mmo Rahaf and 3ammo Noura...

The rules:
You have to use the picture in my post...You have to list exactly 10 points...You have to tag 3 bloggers when you are done.


Cute NK2 said...

When a simple wish comes true .. Eh walla eh walla ya Sharks :D

Hasan Bazerbashi said...

Late night reading? ... it is like drugs to sleep :D

Showers rocks :)!

GraY FoX said...

goooood ones as usual
hopefully there will be 2 pac in heaven so it would be complete for you

Sharks said...

Thank u all for your sweet comments...u r all sooo 7abbabeen :)...

Sabsoub said...

When problems solve themselves

i like this part, nice blog shark